SpamTV is a live breakbeat project, fed with the available material provided continuously by radio waves.

As much as possible, SpamTV is played live, through improvisation, in order to keep in touch as much as possible with the present we share.

This proposition results in a living music, made of radio cuts-up and loops, evolving through feedbacks, spacialised echoes and tribal breakbeats.


SpamTV started in Le Mans, as improvised interludes, for the venue of Bueno Kunichiro, in 2010
It evolved through time from small set-up, to very large one (~2014), before to find a convenient and still heavy flycase in 2015.



coming soon.


Transient Festival in 2015, opening of the Digital Stage

Winter Tour 2015 : Le Buzz de Belleville (Paris), Le Nuke Accueil Froid (Amiens), CCL (Lille)

+ Le Bocal (Caen), L’inventaire (Le Mans)…


SpamTV - Live Breakbeat - Teaser 2K16

Live Act / Music Performance
Industrial Radiophonic Breakbeat
Strictly Hardware Electronics Since 2010

SPAMTV CLIP#1 : pre - Atelier102 party - Before comme Crésus

SPAMTV / Live : Direct rec. from the system,
from Caen, for any kind and real people on planet earth and around.


SpamTV - Skrwouik

Short live session

The sound is directly recorded in a L-R recorder. No mastering.